Video Clips

Dew Point Control v. RH control

(For Munters corporation)

This 18-minute clip was produced in 2016 by and for the Munters Corporation, for the benefit of their customers and internal application engineers. During this interview, Lew explains his perspective on the common question of whether a humidity control system should be set to maintain a constant dew point... or a constant relative humidity. There are benefits and limitations of both methods, and the most effective choice depends strongly on the application and therefore the purpose of the humidity control project. Lew discusses the benefits and limitations of either choice, based on several project examples.

imagine if cars were built and bought like houses

( video By corbett Lunsford, based on the book titled "MEASURED Home PERFORMANCE" written by Lew Harriman and Rick Chitwood)

This short video clip was narrated and illustrated by Corbett Lunsford, the nationally-known home performance expert and producer-director of the Home Performance Workshop training programs. Corbett, a long-time friend of Lew, was amused by this analogy described in the book written by Lew and Rick Chitwood, and decided to set the text into an animated video clip.

Dozens of useful and entertaining technical video clips by Corbett and his wife Grace can be found at the Home Performance Workshop YouTube Channel.