Infrared Moisture Inspection - What it can do, what it can’t, and why

Many of our clients have a need to understand both the the potential and the limitations of different technologies for locating moisture in buildings. This presentation provides the initial one-hour module of a six-hour course we provide in this subject area. We prefer a case history approach to explaining technology. In our seminars, field practice and field observations come first. Those examples help the audience understand and apply the theory, which comes second.

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Troubleshooting Humidity & Moisture Problems in Buildings

Troubleshooting humidity control and moisture-related problems in commercial and institutional buildings requires a variety of technical skills, along with analytical expertise that is not widely available through secondary or post-secondary education. Mason-Grant Consulting in partnership with Camroden Associates offers a three-day course to meet the needs of busy building professionals who have real-world problems which need prompt and economical solutions. This course is hands-on and deeply practical rather than abstract and academic. We use your specific building as the training location, for maximum relevance to the unique needs of your personnel and your specific buildings’ problems.

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