Guides & References

GSA Protocol for Inspecting Building Enclosures with Thermal Cameras

U.S. General Services Administration

Exterior enclosures of buildings must exclude heat, cold air, rain and snow, and they must do that very effectively if the building is to meet the energy consumption targets for Federal Buildings. The General Services Administration - the government’s landlord - hired us to research the potential for using thermal cameras to locate problems and to evaluate the thermal performance of building enclosures. This report explains the strengths and limitations of the technology by showing results from inspections of five buildings in Denver. It also contains the resulting GSA infrared inspection protocol.

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Builder’s Guide for Reducing Mold Risk

California Energy Commission

The California Energy Commission administers the provisions of Title 24 - Energy Code for Buildings. This guide was developed for the Commission, through research performed jointly by Mason-Grant and by the Gas Technology Institute. It helps designers, builders and owners of homes in California avoid the known risk factors for mold, while still building energy-efficient single-family dwellings.

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DOD Engineering Weather Data Handbook

U.S. Department of Defense

The United States Air Force Civil Engineering Support Agency (AFCESA) hired us to be a content advisor, and to design the information displays for the electronic version of the DOD Engineering Weather Data Handbook. This widely-used standard reference is known to many HVAC engineers as “The Blue Book” because of the color of the cover on its earlier print versions. The electronic edition now consists of 1200 16-page PDF files, containing many times the data of the printed edition, plus full-color graphic displays of that data. Also as a result of our efforts, the current data corrects historical problems relating to peak humidity values, which were understated in earlier editions that focused only on peak temperatures.

Guam Climatic Design Data.pdf
London Climatic Design Data.pdf
Dhahran Saudi Arabia Climatic Design Data.pdf