Fees & Costs

When a project is very brief, or when the client wants ongoing access to our information, or needs advice only on an intermittent basis, we consult at our standard rate of $225/hr.

More frequently, we work on a project basis. Based on an initial no-cost consultation, we’ll develop a not-to-exceed cost estimate based on our standard hourly rate. This approach provides a defined result for a defined cost.

When a project is lengthy or complex, we usually suggest proceeding in stages, which allows the project to expand or contract as more is learned and as the clients needs become further refined in light of the information obtained.

We welcome your initial questions and inquiries by telephone. Our policy on telephone questions is simple. If the information is in our heads and we can relate the answer verbally... it’s free. We’re glad to answer questions and to have conversations on the telephone, including international calls.

Please note, however, that whenever a caller or client asks us to send an email response, or to locate and transmit information electronically or by mail, or asks us for any form of written communication, that effort is charged at $225/hr.

The only exception to the “free phone information” policy is any information which would compromise the interests of any current or past client. Naturally, their interests and their private information is held confidential in perpetuity.